Valion offers the listed services to prospective clients. If you require further information on any of these services, please contact us at (780) 675-1111 or via email through our 

Audiometric Testing

Need a hearing assessment?  Audiometric testing of worker' hearing is important to the success of a noise management program since it is the only way to actually determine if occupational hearing loss is being prevented by the noise management control measures.  Audiograms are conducted by qualified audiometric technicians (recognized by the Director of Medical Services, Employment and Immigration) who work in consultation with an audiologist who will oversee any "abnormal" results.

Breathing Air Trailers

Working in or around a hazardous environment? Our trailers will allow you to continue working in toxic environments where the air may be unsafe for you or your workers. We provide a full range of services, including a mobile source of certified breathing air, complimentary respiratory fit testing for anyone going under air, atmospheric testing, intrinsically safe ventilation and more.

Each trailer is supplied with a minimum:

10   300 cubic foot breathing air bottle (2400 psi)
2-6  Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA)
2      Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
12    Masks (S, M, L, XL)
1      10' Pole Mounted Wind Sock
1      Alberta #3 First Aid Kit
1      20 lb ABC Fire Extinguisher

Our team of fully trained and competent operators will deliver and operate the trailer right at your site. Alternatively, should you require a trailer for stand-by / emergency use, our trailers are available for rent as well.